The best way to attract corporate tenants

Aug 16, 2022
Landlords looking to make the most of their Chiswick property will know that corporate tenants, are seen as high-calibre rental prospects. This is because their employment contracts often include full or part payment of the rent.
As their relocation is usually from one to four years, there are no sudden changes or questions about their ability to pay.
Tending to work hard and play hard, such tenants tend to spend more time out of the property. There is less wear and tear on interiors and are the repair and maintenance budget stretches further. Harpers of Chiswick has a database of previously vetted and reliable contractors that help us every day with properties we manage, so tap into our experience.
Here are five strategies that landlords can employ to attract high-calibre tenants.
A well-maintained and tastefully presented property is taken as a given. You will need to invest in high quality, comfortable furnishings and a pristine well-equipped kitchen and smart bathroom (or two if the property is to attract sharers). Go the extra mile, think comfort and convenience and check out our bespoke home staging and interior design services.
Professionalism is expected by corporate tenants. Take their comfort and security seriously and invest in this commitment. The ability to deal with issues promptly and competently goes a long way with people who have heavy demands on their time and knowledge.
In London, it is rare that a company will consider a property for their employee that is not managed by professionals such as Harpers of Chiswick.
From checking their messages first thing, to their final Zoom, corporate tenants are immersed in technology. Your property must be equipped with the latest modern appliances and gadgets, work seamlessly, be future-proof and be mindful of environmental impact. Climate control, multi-room sound and superfast internet are entry-level not luxury.
Chiswick is a leafy, affluent district with a villagy feel. There is a wealth of amenities close at hand: good local schools, parks, a cinema, shops, bars, restaurants and gyms. A footpath runs past the historic pubs and 18th-century homes of Strand-on-the-Green, running parallel to the River Thames.
The Roman-style Chiswick House contains Old Master paintings and has vast manicured gardens with picnic and play areas, and cultural events. Of course, good transport connections and commuter times are both no-brainers. Here is our guide to where to live in Chiswick.
Scope out your competition, target your audience and get professionals like Harpers of Chiswick to devise a strategy for securing your tenants. Maintaining the edge in this ultra-competitive rental market requires the best skills to maximise exposure on relevant channels and property portals.
London's rental market is experiencing a severe shortage of stock. So, there’s never been a better time to find out what income your property could potentially achieve.
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