Interior Design

A truly bespoke interior design service, focused around you and your vision.
Every project starts with us asking a million questions so that we can combine your research with our experience. Between us, we will create something special.
Projects range from re-purposing a bedroom, creating a new kitchen layout, preparing a new property acquisition for the rental market, right through to 'bare brick' refurbishment, we can help with it all.
Harper fo Chiswick manages the entire residential project from initial concept, hands-on installation, through to completion. Our team creates beautiful interiors with ergonomic flow, Lighting design and High-end joinery. Ideal for clients who seek inspiration, rigorous attention to detail, complete project management and ultimately... more than you expected.
We have the reliable trades and a lifetime of contacts on speed dial.
A fully co-ordinated service with minimal input or effort required from you.
If you would like to discuss any sized project with our Head Designer, please contact Gill Harper on:
Phone: +44 (0) 203 137 2808