What makes a house a home? The nation's favourite home comforts

Sep 22, 2022
Sunday roasts and fresh sheets, and mess, according to a new survey.
Mess is an inevitable part of everyday life. It’s particularly unavoidable when you have pets and little ones (or maybe an untidy spouse or partner!) but it’s what gives our homes that lived-in feel.
Understandably, mess can test our patience and often equate to stress. But should we be embracing it as part and parcel of everyday life? In a bid to celebrate all things messy, Cleaning products company Plenty has polled the nation to find out.
The study reveals that the top answer to the question 'What makes a house into a home?' is the smell of a Sunday roast cooking in the kitchen (53%) followed by fresh sheets on the bed (51%) and keeping a well-stocked fridge (45%).
–  44% think having family photos on walls and shelves make a house a home
–  43% feel it’s the sound of birds chirping in the garden
–  35% find it’s the satisfying sizzle of bacon in a pan that adds to that homely feeling.
–  70% agree that a home should feel relaxed and lived in as opposed to super clean and tidy
–  21% insist that a bit of clutter around the house makes us more creative and free spirited
–  39% are of the opinion that minimalist spaces lack a sense of comfort.
Yet despite this more relaxed approach to cleaning, nearly 2 in 5 (39%) feel pressured to always have a neat house, with a further 36% admitting to cleaning and tidying up manically for visitors.
Take a look at this guide on cleaning the house quickly and thoroughly for more tips if you’re in a hurry!
We can mistakenly believe that we should aspire to perfection as seen on Instagram and other social-media platforms. Such unrealistic standards have the potential to steal our joy in our own homes.
Breaking free from these comparisons is key to greater contentment in our home life.
Read on for the top things which make a house a home according to our research,
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