Victorian homes are the most sought-after style

May 23, 2024
The allure of Victorian architecture continues to captivate homebuyers. According to new data from Rightmove, Victorian homes are the most searched for period property style.
The success of TV show period dramas such as Downton Abbey, Bridgerton and The Tudors, also shows that the charm and character synonymous with period property holds a special place with Brits.
With their spacious interiors, ornate facades and intricate details, Victorian homes continue to capture home movers’ attention. Georgian properties are the second most searched-for style, while the third most popular are Edwardian homes.
Victorian properties have an abundance of character and detail, and their charm never really seems to go out of fashion. Having said that, as demand for London properties outstrips supply, all architectural styles continue to attract buyer interest and offers. The top five most popular period home styles are:
1. Victorian
2. Georgian
3. Edwardian
4. Tudor
5. Regency
Rightmove’s Keyword Sort tool highlights the wider popularity of historic and unique properties, with ‘character’ and ‘period’ ranking in the top twenty most searched-for keywords in property criteria this year.
Keyword Sort is a search tool that allows people to prioritises up to three top priorities they’re looking for in a property. That might be, en-suites, conservatories, and downstairs loo. Other essentials might include a cellar, an inglenook fireplace and even a swimming pool.
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