Shop locally: Support Chiswick businesses

Apr 27, 2023
The cost-of-living crisis and rising energy prices have caused problems for households, and businesses aren’t exempt from these financial struggles.
Instead of shopping online or travelling to Westfield, Kew Retail Park or a hypermarket, visit local corner shops and vendors in and around W4 – including independent traders, market stalls, cafés, bakeries and services such as electronics, homewares, clothing, hair and beauty.
In PayPal’s Business of Change Report 2022, 78% of business owners claimed they were worried that the cost-of-living crisis would be the biggest threat to their businesses this year. In 2020, 66% of shoppers were more likely to shop in their local area than in 2019, according to Mastercard. As such, supporting local businesses is more important than ever to ensure they remain open.
As well as spending your money in and around Chiswick, there are several other opportunities to support local independent shops, restaurants, businesses, traders and professional service providers.
Leave reviews and feedback online and share on social media. Personal recommendations highlight local gems and encourage  more customers. Honest reviews and positive feedback boost a business’s reputation and drives more traffic in their direction.
Purchase gift vouchers for your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours. These ensure a flow of new customers discovering the great products and services.
Swap your name-brands for local innovators, designers, craftspeople, artists and professionals and do your bit to further their businesses.
It's not just the suppliers and providers that benefit, there are many advantages for consumers too. For instance, you pay no or low delivery charges for dropping right to your door and you expand your social circle of locals.
Local businesses might be the answer if you are looking to live more sustainability. Sourcing locally is better for the environment, avoiding the carbon footprint between you and a distant warehouse.
You contribute to your local community by stimulating growth and helping to create or retain jobs, supporting families and cultures, and generally do y0ur bit to conserve your surroundings, which is why people like living in Chiswick.
With over 9 million members around the world, ILoveFreegle is a great source for giving or asking for pre-owned goods being recycled in Chiswick. At no cost - simply type in your local authority (Hounslow or Ealing) in the search bar to find Freecycle groups in your area and a list of items both offered and wanted.
Nextdoor is a platform that connects you with residents and businesses in the W4 area. It is another way to engage with neighbours and stay up to date. You can register with a personal account and there's a business profile option to promote your goods and services.
Business apps such as Ticket Tailor allow users to connect with local professionals across all industries for networking events such as conferences and trade shows.
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LB Hounslow business support programme Innovate & Grow is designed to support businesses to adapt, survive, and thrive against the ongoing challenges facing business owners.
If your business is not already online or if you wish to improve your presence LB Ealing's Growing Your Business Online is one of several free resources available to help.
The Federation of Small Businesses has a skills hub including a series of webinars on digital marketing to help businesses navigate through the various social media platforms available.
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