6-fold increase in homes for sale with EV chargers

Dec 6, 2021
New data from Rightmove reveals the number of homes listed for sale across Great Britain with an electric car charging point installed on the premises, or in a nearby street, has increased six-fold compared to this time last year (+541%).
Looking at the total number of properties added to Rightmove for sale that include a mention of this green feature, a third of them have been added since the start of September. Agents report that more buyers are enquiring about electric car charging points in homes for sale.
Excluding new builds
The study analysed the number of properties for sale that mention an electric car charging point in the property description to prospective buyers. This study excluded new build homes to determine the uplift in older homes having charging points installed or available nearby.
The significant rise is likely being driven by a combination of homeowners upgrading their properties with electric charging points before selling, rising numbers of public charging points being installed across Great Britain, and more agents highlighting charging points in listings for potential buyers.
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