Chiswick brewery is home to the oldest wisteria

May 26, 2024
Local Chiswick institution, the Griffin Brewery, is home to the oldest wisteria in England. This beautiful smelling purple genus has been creeping up the side of the brewery walls since 1816, making it officially the oldest in England. It began life as one of two saplings brought over from China, and was planted outside what used to be the Head Brewer's cottage at Fullers Brewery.
The other sapling was taken to nearby Kew Gardens, where it didn't have as much success taking root and died soon after. So the folks at Kew came back for a cutting of ours to regrow their own, meaning the Griffin climber has reached the heady heights of a royal garden!
Its purple reign has signalled Spring for Chiswick local's for over two centuries. To witness this aromatic slice of history, book yourself onto one of the private tours.
Fuller’s Griffin Brewery is at Chiswick Lane South, W4 2QB. Book a brewery tour.
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