How much do your kitchen appliances cost to run?

May 16, 2023
See which of your household appliances are contributing the most to your energy bill and get quick tips to help reduce your energy use at home.
With energy costs still worryingly high, you might be wondering which appliances in your home are contributing the most to your monthly bills.
Consumer champion Which? has collected energy use data for the most common household appliances, including fridge freezers, ovens and tumble dryers, so you can find out how much each machine costs to run.
The top energy guzzler
The tests show that condenser tumble dryers are the most expensive by quite a margin, costing on average £168 a year. This is more than twice the amount you can expect to spend if you use a heat pump model, as they are far more energy-efficient, and cost around £69 annually.
In second place are American-style fridge freezers, which will set you back around £143 each year. Freestanding and integrated models tend to be smaller and because of this are significantly cheaper to run, costing £96 and £89 a year respectively.
The data is summarised in a table which reveals the average annual running costs of nine large home appliances. Also included in the article are hints and tips on how to reduce your monthly spend.
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