Chiswick Vegan Market

Mar 3, 2023
The Chiswick Vegan Market takes over part of the Old Market Place on several Sundays throughout the year.
The event runs alongside the ever popular Chiswick Flower Market and brings together a huge variety of vegan street food vendors, artisan bakers, craft brewers, ethical jewellers, sustainable chandlers, local artists, zero-waste champions, environmental charities and loads more.
The organisers work with thousands of small businesses across the country that focus on producing ethical and sustainable products. From vegan fried chicken to handmade, coconut cheese, cruelty-free cosmetics, traders offer a variety of unique and innovative vegan products.
The market runs alongside the Chiswick Flower Market on the first Sunday of the month from 9.00 am to 3.30 pm. There are four events planned for 2023:
Sunday 5th March
Sunday 4th June
Sunday 3rd September
Sunday 3rd December
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