Chiswick neighbourhood watch

Jun 8, 2022
There is a Neighbourhood Watch scheme operating in every street in Chiswick, or very close by. Schemes are run by the police-approved OWL messaging service and give direct access to the local police and Neighbourhood Watch coordinator.
Burglars are targeting allotments at the moment - and this is the latest advice regarding precautions to deter unwelcome visitors:
•  Outside lighting has been proven to deter burglars from approaching an address.
•   Ensure your shed is locked, and property should be marked (SmartWater)
•   Fitting a simple shed alarm will warn of any attempted intrusion
•   Outdoor tools should be locked away to prevent thieves using them to gain entry to your house
•   Doors should be locked and the keys removed from the door to a safe place out of sight of the door, and remember to lock up after yourself.
And finally, challenge anyone on your plot you do not recognise, and don’t leave anything in your shed you can’t afford to lose.
Download: Shed Burglary (107 KB). Contact: Sally Bell, PCSO,  |  Complete the form to join a Watch or make an enquiry.
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