Chiswick Council Tax Calculator 2024/25

May 20, 2024
Chiswick, W4 comes under two local authorities, Hounslow and Ealing. This updated tool from Essential Living estimates the relevant council tax bill based on your property's valuation band. It is a resource for all Londoners regardless of their status as residents, homeowners or tenants.
Understanding your council tax liabilities is crucial for effective financial planning. This council tax table shows how to find out how much council tax you'll be paying in London
●  delve into factors that influence how much you pay
●  find out if you are eligible for discounts or exemptions
●  clarify the role of council tax in local communities
●  includes a comprehensive list of FAQs.
You can search for your Council Tax Band by entering your postcode on the UK Government website.
Band A £1,328
Band B £1,549
Band C £1,770
Band D £1,992
Band E £2,434
Band F £2,876
Band G £3,319
Band H £3,983
Band A £1,299
Band B £1,516
Band C £1,732
Band D £1,949
Band E £2,382
Band F £2,815
Band G £3,248
Band H £3,897
Visit the consumer organisation Which? website to find out how your tax band is calculated, and how to make a challenge to get it changed
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