Brits avoid do-it-yourself jobs due to lack of skills

Apr 28, 2023
The first of three May bank holidays is almost upon us, and for many it's the perfect chance to catch up on all those annoying DIY jobs around the home and garden. Yet over half of Brits (52%) avoid DIY due to their lack of skills.
Around 46% admit to simply not having the confidence, almost a third (31%) say they don’t know where to start when it comes to home and garden improvements, and 9% claim not to own any tools at all. Budget also plays a factor.
Over a quarter of those surveyed stated they’d be putting money into home and garden improvements (26%), rather than moving this year and 40% said they’d be doing these jobs themselves this year to help cut costs, highlighting the importance of empowering people with DIY skills.
According to a recent survey commissioned by waste removal experts HIPPO. On a mission to help Brits access their inner DIY hero, TV presenter – turned self-taught DIY enthusiast - Dom Wood in partnership with skip bag provider HIPPO – helps people feel less overwhelmed when it comes to DIY.
The survey has also shone a light on the thousands of empty toolboxes across the UK – 38% of UK adults do not own a hammer and 37% do not have a screwdriver or a tape measure to hand. With 34% of Brits not owning a trowel or spade, garden improvements too, are sporadic.
With 26% of UK adults saying they would dedicate their bank holidays to DIY tasks and 57% saying they would utilise their weekends to get home improvement jobs done, Dom has provided a series of tips, hints and tricks ahead of the extra bank holidays Brits have on offer this year.
As a self-confessed DIY enthusiast, with an Instagram and TikTok  dedicated entirely to sharing his own home and garden improvements, his advice is geared towards inspiring others to simply try their hand at something new.
Dom’s hacks and tips include a quick and easy way to hang a picture, learning how to clear a blocked drain or upcycling some garden furniture. "It’s all about having a go and learning how to approach tasks that may have seemed overwhelming at first. There are certain jobs best suited to professionals from a safety perspective, with the right tools, some confidence and a have-a-go attitude, anything is possible."
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