London named best city in the world 2023

Jan 7, 2023
London has topped the charts in 's annual rankings, beating Paris and New York into second and third place respectively. Tokyo, Dubai, Barcelona, Rome, Madrid, Singapore and Amsterdam make up the rest of the top ten.
The capital has managed to shake off the after-effects of the pandemic with admirable resilience, welcoming tourists back and hosting some memorable events.
And it has been rewarded for its efforts by being named the best city in the world for 2023 thanks to its amazing restaurants, property opportunities and being a hit on social media as the ‘hashtag capital of the world’.
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Real estate and tourism consultancy firm Resonance looked at six different categories in its study: place, product, programming, people, prosperity and promotion. According to the report, 61 prime London properties—each worth $11.5 million (£9.5m) or more—were sold in the first six months of 2022, which was the highest number in a decade.
London comes out top in the Promotions category, with its residents and visitors producing the most Insta hashtags, Facebook check-ins and TripAdvisor reviews.
It seems Londoners are online story telling machines, promoting the city to the rest of the world and chronicling many of the great things it has to offer.
The city’s restaurants, in particular, impressed judges. The culinary industry is being reborn after dozens of the city’s most iconic restaurants shuttered over the pandemic.
And the capital has also managed to largely shield itself from the effects of Brexit.
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